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World Cup Mystery: Why is China so horrible at soccer?

The Middle Kingdom cannot seem to transfer „small balls“ dominance to „big balls“

„China may be the world’s most populous nation but a men’s soccer giant it is not. Indeed, the nation, ranked 103 in FIFA’s rankings — that’s one below Equatorial Guinea — didn’t even make this year’s World Cup finals. Or the last one. Or the one before that. So how do China’s beleaguered football fans feel? Resigned, mostly. “If China were in the World Cup,” says Chen Xiao, a football journalist from Shijiazhuang, in northeastern China, “it would contradict the laws of football. …”

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P.S. What about India?

Paint the town blue?

Live-Auftritte von M & N sieht zwar weiterhin rar gesäht, aber immerhin wurde um die Wartezeit zu verkürzen, die offzielle Doku über Mono & Nikitaman veröffentlicht.

Von der Webseite:

Hier gibt es einen schönen Hip Hop Dokumentarfilm den ich während des Studiums in den USA und Europa gedreht habe. Alle Leute die an Turntablism interessiert sind sollten mal reinschauen. Liebe Grüße Mono

Paint The Town Blue? (6 parts)

commercial shipping in the world’s oceans.

This map of shipping routes illustrates the present-day density of commercial shipping in the world’s oceans.
Via Reddit and Wikipedia, data from the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Quelle: World Bank Data Viz